Our people are our greatest strength

We consider our people to be our greatest asset and provide them with a safe and productive working environment that allows them to maximize their potential and grow their careers.

US. LBM. Training Matrix

Investing in our people through training, education and development

US LBM is progressive organization that promotes a very unique culture that focuses on the value of its customers and associates. Developing our people is critical to our strategy and fostering our culture of empowerment. We have an extensive suite of training programs dedicated to job-specific training, growing leadership skills and cultivating emerging leaders. Our programs are designed to help our people tackle the realities of today and prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.

Continuous improvement driving operational excellence

US 1 is our focused strategy on continuous improvement and operational excellence. US 1 empowers associates to optimize work processes and maximize efficiency at company locations and subsequently share those best practices across the enterprise. Central to US 1 is a progressive series of educational programs on the principles and practical applications of Lean Six Sigma that empowers associates to participate and lead continuous improvement projects at their work locations.

  • White Belt Introduces associates at divisions to the ideas and language of Lean Six Sigma and continuous improvement.
  • Yellow Belt – Teaches associates the concepts of Lean Six Sigma, who in turn work on US 1 continuous improvement projects within their respective divisions.
  • Green Belt Over the course of a year, associates learn more complex tools and techniques to drive continuous improvement, leading implementation projects to ensure  long-term impact.

A wide range of training and educational opportunities

  • US LBM University Led by our senior executive team, the program immerses new associates into US LBM’s culture and strategy.
  • PULSE A year-long, interactive program that builds leadership and critical thinking skills to grow leaders across the organization.
  • Supervisor Boot Camp Builds common skills for new people managers to cultivate and grow successful teams.
  • Xtreme Truss Leadership Optimizes production and process at truss manufacturing facilities.
  • SPARC (Sales Performance Awareness Reflection Coaching) Builds skills for leaders responsible for driving sales at each division.
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