Tell us about your role.

I manage the design work load and design quality of all trusses at Desert Truss in Las Vegas.

How did you get into the industry?

By accident! I started at Desert Lumber in 2004 as the company’s runner. While I liked what I was doing, it came to a point where I needed to decide whether I was working a job or building a career. The president of the company gave me an opportunity to learn and grow within the ranks. I started out operating a fork lift, and progressed through the sales department, accounts payable, and credit.  Finally, Desert Lumber decided to open a truss manufacturing facility and I was recruited to join the truss team as designer. I took a liking to truss design, and became increasingly interested in “truss theory” — there are hundreds of ways to reach an end goal, but there is a single design that is the most optimized and efficient. Continuously striving for this “optimized design” has brought me to where I am today.

What do you like most about your work?

Every day is a new adventure. Just when one thinks that they have “seen it all”, something new always arises to prove that statement wrong.

How have you developed professionally since you joined your company?

Over my career here, I have become much more confident in my abilities. Stepping into a managerial role has forced me to view many different perspectives and learn different leadership skills that have helped me grow both in my professional life as well as my personal life.

How would you describe the culture at US LBM?

US LBM’s culture is strongly geared toward continuous improvement. The company wants its employees to grow, improve, and excel at everything they do – and the tools for such growth are available to everyone. The sky is the limit for anyone with ambition willing to put forth the effort.

What would you say makes US LBM unique?

Upon acquiring a new operating company (division), US LBM allows op cos that are successfully operating in their marketing to continue operations as they were. The corporate structure shows respect to the people and processes developed over time, but provides a drive to always get better. 

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