Tell us about your role.

I run day to day operations for production and warehouse, and work with employees to ensure delivery time and quality is met. I also work with our sales staff to quote custom millwork.

How did you get into the industry?

It began as a summer job while I was in school, working at a lumber yard over its busy summer season. I decided to stay in the industry because I saw and was given a lot of opportunity for growth. I started as a load builder and have done 90%+ of the different jobs that there are to do in this industry. From load building, CDL driver, running equipment in the mill shop, to my current position as Location Manager for our mill shop.

What do you like most about your work?

I have had the opportunity to go to the University of Wisconsin to earn my Yellow, Green, and Black belt (Six Sigma certifications). I am now able to streamline our operations and to work with other locations to make suggestions and help improve processes.

I get invited to go to different locations within US LBM to deliver White Belt training in Spanish. I get a lot of satisfaction from this because we are educating a group of people that might otherwise miss out on such an opportunity due to the language barrier (not on purpose, but it happens at times).

How have you grown as a professional since you joined the company?

I have grown through coaching and mentoring others. I have significantly improved my public speaking skills, and acquired more confidence in decision-making. I have also improved my financial acumen and ability to look at financials and determine how to make good decisions. 

How would you describe the culture at US LBM?

Dynamic, high energy, open, and encouraging. Your voice is heard and your opinion matters. If you are willing to put the idea out there and do the work, you are given the freedom to try. 

What would you say makes US LBM unique?

The opportunity for career growth, the focus on lean management, our people, and the support we are given from US LBM down to the division level.  The freedom our divisions have to operate in the way they feel is best based on the markets they are in. 

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