Tell us about your role.

I started at GBS in 2012, doing a variety of roles from Counter Sales to DOT and Safety. In 2015 I joined the Logistics Team with US LBM, primarily working on Descartes (our route planning and optimizing software) rollouts throughout different divisions. In July of this year I became Implementation Lead for BisTrack (our business management software) implementations. 

How did you get into the industry?

While I was in college, I worked with my dad building a 900 square foot addition to the house I grew up in. Shortly after that I saw a job opening for a sales and management trainee at the local lumber yard (GBS Building Supply, a division of US LBM). Since I enjoyed the work my father and I did, I decided to interview to learn more about the industry.

How have you grown as a professional since you joined your company?

I’ve had the opportunity to go through some professional development courses such as yellow belt, green belt, and Pulse, our leadership development program. From those programs I’ve learned how to manage projects better and communicate more effectively.

How would you describe the culture at US LBM?

It is one that is very welcoming to new ideas and encourages personal and professional growth.

What would you say makes US LBM unique?

The different companies that make up US LBM. All of the companies that are part of US LBM are, and were prior to acquisition, industry leaders in their regions. They each have their own expertise and best practices that they bring to US LBM, to help us grow as a company.

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